Back to School Initiative Report 2019-2020

Executive Summary

Due to the war in Yemen, which reached its fifth year, and because of the interruption of salaries, people are suffering more and more and find it very difficult to meet the basic requirements of life especially when it relates to the beginning of a new school year.

According to (HNO 2018), 7.5 million school-aged children in Yemen including around 523,646 IDP school-aged children. 1.9 million Children are considered to be out of school. 4,147,218 million Children need assistance to ensure continuation of their education

The discontinuation of the payment of teacher salaries has created an education crisis, risking a generation of illiterate children if no mitigation measures are put in place. In the long-term, the development and progress of the entire country will be affected due to large numbers of non-educated children, many of whom carry emotional and physical scars associated with the conflict. The prospects of future business, political, religious and government leaders will thus be marred for many generations. The rise in the number of people displaced by the conflict, the salary crisis and the closure of schools have increased pressure on schools in host areas. All of which has led to an increase in the number of people in need, and the wider geographical area that falls within acute need.

Many school-age children have not attended school in previous years due to the inability of their parents to meet the school’s requirements: school bag, tools, uniforms…etc. Moreover, most of Zat Al Browg school students are from random housing area for poor people (slums) where families can not buy school bags for their children.

Based on these critical issues,(NG) have started a fund raising comagine in order to help the students in Zat Al browg school by providing them with the school bags including the statinary and whiteboard’s markers for teachers.

Objective of the Initiative

-Reduce the negative effects on students as a result of poor economic conditions.

-Reduce the dropout rate of school by supporting/providing the students with a hundred school bags.


NG’s members have done the needs assessment for Zat Al Browg school along with a help of government officials of Amanat Al Asima, sites visits and interviews with leaders community were main tools to collect needed information. These tools were specifically used to generate a final quantitative data which is used in this assessment to ascertain needs for children and teachers in the same time.

For implementation methodology, NG team have visited the targeted school on Tuesday 8 October 2019.

The activities have started at 10:30 AM and the school administration represented the event. Some of social authorities and the school principal had a brief speech.

After that, NG’s social specialist opened an awareness session with parents in order to increase the awareness of the importance of enrolling their children to schools specially their girls.

At the same time, another social specialist with NG’s members worked with the targeted children in a painting session. The next activity was the honoring of members who helped  in achieving this Initiative.

Finaly, we ended this initiative with distributing the school kits to the targeted students using a list of names to ensure receiving the bags to them, and we have put in our account the sensitivity that might occur if we distribute the bags in front of the other students so we made the event while they are in their classes.


According to the estimated needs, the following findings were noted :

  • Based on school location(Attan mountain), student are in severe need of psycho social support and the teachers as well.
  • Students in Zat Al Browg school have bad educational system and they do not have teachers to teach them some of specialized subjects such as Arabic language.
  • School principal needs more help due to the lack of finance.
  • Teaching staff did not get paid for around 3 years.
  • Most of Zat Al Browg students suffer financially so they cannot find school requirements of a new school year.


  • More than 100 students need school bags with stationary.
  • Teachers should have Psychosocial support services (PSS) training.
  • Provision of cleaning materials to the school.
  • Provision of teachers kits.


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leukemia or blood cancer is a disease that kills its owner very quickly, especially children.

‏Under the harsh Conditions That our country faced .Leukemia center (Al-Kuwait University Hospital)Is located in Sanaa. It’s suffer from severe Shortage of medicines, medical solution, Medical devices Used to trade children for free.
In addition the narrowness of the center and its inability to accommodate The increasing number of infected children which lead to affect negatively psyche of children, because they didn’t find the right place to contain them psychologically.

The goal from the activity:

-Psychological aid for children who have Leukemia by doing entertainment activity.

-encouragement philanthropy & reviving the spirit of cooperation.

-participate on the international day of leukemia.

-expressing our concern for children especially who have leukemia.

Place of activity:
Sana’a-Yemen-maeen district-
(Al Kuwait university hospital)

Children who have leukemia (blood cancer)

Number of targeted:
100 child.